Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So in the video one of my secrets/obsessions is said by the woman who says she eats cereal in her underwear.

It is not really a secret for me though because I am pretty open and dont have many secrets at all.
But I will share my little obsession with you.

I love cereal. I eat about 2 boxes a day minimum. Its not the only thing I eat (dont worry). Right now in my pantry I have 13 boxes of cereal and could easily be the number 1 customer of many companies. I even get cereal in the mail! You will see me watching tv with a box, outside tanning with a box, by my computer with a box, in my bed with a box, etc. I will mostly eat it straight out of the box but with milk or yogurt is also good. It is just something I really love. I have had this love for cereal for a about a year now. Maybe it's a phase or maybe cereal is that damn good.

P.s.   If anyone who lives in the USA who wants to ship me chocolate cheerios, I will love you forever. haha!! :)

Everyone has secrets!
Care to share yours?


  1. Lucky Charms, best cereal in the world!

    Thanks for following my blog darling. Love yours.

    Bea. xo

  2. lucky charms are good!

    have you ever tried chocolate lucky charms!?? sooooo good!

    thanks <3

  3. i LOVED your blog! your photos are so beautiful! Congratulation!!! I'll ever stay here!

  4. awwww that smiley face cereal just TOTALLY melted my heart!


  5. i know! i saw it and it made me smile!!

  6. this beautiful, and charming little video (except the jerk off man :/), i needed this right now, thank you. .x.x

  7. hey, like all of these pics
    wow 13 boxes :) ....i could imagine that it is a phase...

  8. I went through a phase like that, except the only thing I ate was Just Right. It tastes so GOOD!



  9. yeah the jerk off man was a lil funny.

    yeah 13 boxes !! :)

    thanks so much everyone ! <3

  10. Thank you for following :)
    I'm following you now..
    ♥ Nice blog
    xo fashionata

  11. i'm following you too ♥
    the pics are great
    i love the bath-one

  12. yes the bath one is amazing, i wish that i was me :)

    thanks everyone !