Wednesday, July 14, 2010

30 Day Challenge! - Day 3

My Parents

I am sooooooooo very grateful for my parents. They brought me into this world, they raised me, they love and care for me and they are there for me. I love my parents, not only are they my parents but my best friends. I can talk to them about anything, no secrets, no lies. I am a very lucky girl. My parents completely trust me with everything. My mom is the best. She listens all the time and gives her advice, always gives me hugs and always encourages and supports me. We can talk about anything. Me and my mom have a very good relationship. We shop together, play badminton, cook, clean and just hang out sometimes and watch movies. Not only do I love my mom very much but so do my friends. Which makes me very happy.  I also love my dad. My dad is the fun guy that always knows what is best. He has never been wrong before. He always gives me advice with the boys, with school and always encourages for me to be my best. I love my dad, especially when are on vacation because that is when his fun side is most visible. Over all, I am very lucky to have great parents. I love them so much.

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