Friday, August 20, 2010

just breathe

what is with all the negativity and the need for drama? 
be happy, be positive
be who you are
be honest with everyone
most importantly with yourself
you have the power to do things that you put your mind to,
to change things,
you don't need to prove anything to anyone,
trust yourself before you trust others 
strive to be better,
and challenge yourself
appreciate what and who you have
be grateful because you are alive
don't look for problems, 
don't  start or look for drama
you may not know the things people go through in their life
the things they are holding back and struggling with
don't assume you know everything about someone,
everyone has problems and secrets
no matter how happy they seem 
so have a positive outlook on life
don't tell me what im doing wrong
tell me what im doing right
stop picking at the flaws,
learn from your mistakes
find your passion, and follow your dreams
you are awesome no matter what anyone else says
do what you need to do,
just live your life to the fullest
after all, you only get one

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