Sunday, August 1, 2010

i miss you

it takes alot for me to say it,
i will rarely say it,
i really have to mean it to say it,
and in this situation it makes me vulnerable when i say it.
but here goes, i miss you.
i told you, but all i hope you is that you dont take it for granted,
i hope you realize that i actually do miss you and i hope you realize a lot of other things.

i should really have that kind of mentality where words dont mean anything to me,
in certain cases they dont,
i dont listen to negativity, insults, etc.
i am who i am, and i stay positive.
but mostly words do have meaning,
words can be powerful.
a certain arrangement of words, can make change, and can make a difference.
i really care too much about everything in this world.
many people have told me that,
the number one advice that i always get from people is to stop caring about everything,  and to care about myself for once.
but its harder than it seems, when my whole life i try to help and be there for others.

in certain situations with certain people, their words might not match their actions, so therefore their actions have more meaning then their words.

honesty is one of the things i value most.
be honest, be true to yourself, be happy, be who you are, be positive.

you shouldnt have to prove anything to anyone;


  1. awe is that about a bf? because i totally know what you mean. btw those are really powerful words, yeah i wish i had such a strong mentality too. but im working on it followed (;

  2. "you shouldnt have to prove anything to anyone"
    that is completely true.

    I love how cute and sad the first picture is and then the opposite with the next one haha :)

  3. yes , haha !
    and thank you :)

  4. its okay to miss someone hun :) if someone has made an impact on your life whats not okay is to forget them.

    love you chika.