Sunday, July 18, 2010

30 Day Challenge! - Day 6 and Day 8

I doing two since I couldnt do one yesterday, and I am skipping day 7 because it was repeated.

A stranger

I dont really know what to write for this. There have been many strangers in my life that I remember that have said something intelligent or even just smiled. All of us are strangers at some points, and most of these strangers become my friends. I love meeting new people and I love getting to know people.

Favorite internet friend

Two of my friends went on Omegle one day. They met this guy our age and spent hour talking to him. They even added each other on facebook! He also got introduced to me. He is my favorite internet friend. We talk and joke around. He is a nice guy and its even his birthday today! My other favorite internet friends are people from Ukraine that I dont see very often. I am from Ukraine. I moved here when I was seven. I went to visit Ukraine last summer! So all my friends from Ukraine are my internet friends that I keep in contact with using Ukrainian facebook!

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