Friday, January 22, 2010


Its been a while since my last post
Im truly sorry.
you have no idea how stressed out i am.

I got..

Piano (which i have to practice every day but only have time to practice maybe twice a week)

Dance (twice a week, I used to have dance everyday but I had to quit because of the lack of time)

Homework (I am in IB. If you dont know what that is, its basically me learning everything a grade ahead.  So I am in grade 10 learning grade 11 stuff)

Exams (Exams next week, OH NO!)

Job ( So I just got a job, not for the money (Even though it pays VERY WELL) but because of the experience and it will look goon on university applications. I am teaching piano at a music store!)

Social life ( I don't want to loose my friends so I have to make time for them! I have parties and hang outs planned every weekend, and I still have to say no to some people)

Blogging (Which includes me looking at pictures, searching and researching about fashion, because Im in love with fashion. But its fun.)

So, Im extremely organized, and I get most things done. But right now it is OVERWHELMING.

I am so busy now, that I hurry to do everything which means I am not doing everything 100 % to my ability.

So.. if you have any suggestions, please comment!! Thanks <3


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