Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nice Stuff, Nice Stuff.

All of the pictures below are found on the internet, and are not my own. 

You Scratch My Back, I Stab Yours
A print by Sohaila Adela 

So , I stumbled upon this picture, and the name of it was YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, I STAB YOURS.
I thought it was very creative, because so many friends stab each other in the back. Overall, it was a done very well. 

This one is beautiful! 

Look at the hair!! I sure wish i could draw like that! 

I love piano, and I would hate for that to happen to my piano, or any other piano actually. But I found this beautiful in some way. 

So check out , some jean styles. How creative is that with the tape? 

Check the shoes out on this one. And again the tape is sweet! 

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