Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just some things about my trip.

So I just came home from mexico.

let me tell you.. best vacation I have EVER been on.

I had the greatest time.

Ill just tell you guys a bit of what happened.

The resort we stayed at was amazing.
It was modern and beautiful.
The room me and my friend shared was huge!
The people that worked there were awesome!
The food was amazing.
Me and my friend Mariya met atleast 15 people which we hung out the whole week.
We partied, played volleyball, swam, ate, drank, etc.
The most fun was after 2 am on the beach, when we laid there on the sand and looked at the stars. While the drunk guys were puking.

Anyways, here are some pictures. By the way, my mother took some of these pictures when i wasnt looking so i might be doing random body movements.


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  1. aww im so jealous, :)
    Sounds like it was a blast.